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Academic Integrity Violation

Student Code - Section VI-4. Regarding Academic Integrity Violations

This section applies to proceedings to determine if a student has committed an academic integrity violation and if the violation warrants the imposition of further disciplinary penalty in addition to the sanction by the instructor. This section does not apply to probation, suspension, or expulsion from a department, program, college, or the University based on academic performance (e.g. minimum grade point requirements).

  1. Notification of Alleged Offense and Intended Consequences
    1. Whenever an instructor reasonably suspects that a student has committed an academic integrity violation (See: Section VI-1), the accused student shall be notified by the instructor of the violation and its consequences through use of the AIVF within seven days that a violation has occurred and that a sanction is appropriate.

The full Article (Student Code - Section VI), is online for review.

Use this form to report an academic integrity violation.

Download the academic integrity violation's resolution report form.